ACT webinář The Cash-Smart Treasury: identify, protect and grow in volatile times - 29.září 2022

IGTA a ACT zvou 29.září 2022 od 13.30 do 14.15 pražského času na webinář  “The Cash-Smart Treasury: identify, protect and grow in volatile times”,  that will explore how you can utilise technology to deliver a more effective use of cash resources.


Discover how you can be more cash-smart with new technology solutions


As a result of the current financial market, CFOs and their treasury teams are rethinking strategies to protect their finances. Treasurers in particular are experiencing new challenges when it comes to getting the most out of constrained cash resources as once again ‘cash is king’.


Expert panel of technology will discuss the following questions:

-what is the critical role that APIs can play?

-how does the ambition of real-time treasury affect this discussion?

-what can AI do to better manage your cash?


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